Are You A Snifty Sleuth?

A Guy Called Bloke has posted another instalment of the Murder-Mystery challenge. Another Murder has occurred, more blood on the carpet. Can you solve the mystery?

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Another Murder!! – Snifty Clue Post 15/08/18


Scene 6:

The young man had laughed at them all. He admitted sending out the letters, he just said it was for a laugh. He found the whole thing very funny.

Inspector Kruseau had Joseph Ingrams’ room searched, thoroughly. Several documents, his driver’s license and a diary were taken away for investigation. A pair of scissors were taken from the bathroom, they appeared to have blood on them.

The Inspector went back to the station to check up on the progress of the forensic report, finger prints, toxicology, that sort of thing.

Still smirking, Joseph Ingrams looked about him. He’d noticed two things that seemed to be a common theme. Firstly, everyone seemed to be wearing…

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