A Multiple Word Prompt Poem – Summer Break







Summer Break

As I sat here with my pen in hand

I heard the loudest noise in the land

A mighty cacophony of sound

That knocked me off my seat and to the ground.


What frightful fracas, what dreadful din

My ears couldn’t cope and take it in.

I sat there and began to tremble

My wits, I started to reassemble.


Despite the fear, despite the quivers,

I calmed my nerves and stopped my shivers.

I began to summon all my strength

And gave myself a talk, at length.


I turned to face the beaconing truth,

My day of reckoning, my misspent youth.

Those symbols of my great mistake,

the kids had come home for summer break.


The End

Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 18/August/2018

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