A Tender Trap – The Murder Mystery Continues

I started writing a murder mystery some time ago, this is the next instalment.

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A Tender Trap

Audrey Patterson had a tender arm on Sir Alfred steadying him as they walked down the street towards her house.

He had arranged a little treat for her and she had been allowed to examine the items they had found at the crime scene. Her Maid, Elsie’s body had been discovered just opposite under a laurel bush in Lorrimer Park. She was determined to bring all her amateur knowledge of crime to bear and hopefully bring her killer to justice. She had found a clue, she felt she was making some headway.

Walking along, slower than her usual pace, because Sir Alfred, although not much older than her, was not so fit and walked with a cane, she saw one of her neighbours looking out at the street through their net curtains. She waved in a friendly manner, but the grey-haired old dear just scowled and let the curtain drop. She’d never really got one with Patricia Babbington, she was the kind of neighbour who’d refuse to take in a parcel and never sent around Christmas cards.

Just then she spied Police Constable Jones walking towards them on his rounds.

She smiled at him and he returned a smile, in a rather shy way.

“Good evening Madam, Good evening Sir” He addressed them both.

“Good evening Constable, I don’t suppose you are getting your usual refreshments on your evening shift now are you?” Audrey asked, then realised how callous she must have sounded. Elsie used to make Constable Jones a cup of tea when he was on the late patrol.

Constable Jones blushed and said “Well actually, the Maid at number 33 has been rather obliging of late. I may well ask her to the pictures next Thursday.”

“Oh, I am pleased to hear that Constable. Out of interest, What picture did you go to see last Thursday?” Audrey asked, being curious.

Constable Jones’ face, which had been blushing began to resemble a Belisha beacon, he couldn’t have possibly got any redder in the cheeks.

“Erm, It was Angel over Islington starring Gloria Marshall, I’m rather fond of her, as it happens” He responded.

“Well, we mustn’t delay you any longer while you’re on duty. I do so wish you well, Constable Jones, with your future endeavours” Audrey began climbing the steps to her front door, helping Sir Alfred navigate them too. Rather than use her latchkey she rang the door, she felt it important to ensure the servants earned their wages. Her new Maid, Alice, needed breaking in a bit more.

The door opened and they passed inside leaving Constable Jones looking rather uncomfortable who still appeared rather redder than nature intended. Then he returned to pounding the street with his large black-booted feet.


Inside Audrey thanked Alice for answering the door so promptly as the girl took her outer coat, a nondescript dark brown thing, and Sir Alfred’s hat.

Then they retired to the Drawing room to enjoy a nice cup of tea.

“Would you like to stay for Dinner? I’m sure Mrs Buscombe could rustle you up something without difficulty” Audrey asked Sir Alfred.

Puffing out his grey moustache he responded “Thank you, my Dear, but I should be getting home. I wouldn’t want to inconvenience you at all. Thank you for the tea, and of course for your splendid company.”

“Not at all Sir Alfred, It was thrilling to be able to examine items from the crime scene. Thank you so much for organising that for me.”

“That’s quite all right, my dear. And, unless you think me a trifle forward, you may call me Alf, I think it would be easier than ‘Sir Alfred’ all the time.”

She looked into his eyes and she felt her eyes water slightly, she dabbed at the tear with her handkerchief.

“Also, I want you to have this. It wasn’t easy but I managed to wrangle it” He pulled his own handkerchief out of his pocket and unwrapped it to reveal the Diamond crescent moon brooch. “Here you go, my dear.” He placed it into her hand.

“Thank you, Alf. I shall look after this. It is very important evidence.” Audrey walked over to her bureau and locked the brooch away.

She turned back, a gleam of mischief in her eyes. “By the way, that Constable is lying after all. I thought I would check. Angel over Islington didn’t start showing at the Cinema until Saturday. Last Thursday they were showing Dial M for Murder, I can’t resist Crime films and I went myself. Where ever he was when Elsie was being murdered, he wasn’t at the Cinema, that’s for sure.”

The End for now.


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FOWC with Fandango — Neighbor



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