A Justified Conniption – Short Story


A Justified Conniption

Lawrence was a nice kid. He was calm and placid with a keen eagerness to get on with people. Unfortunately, other kids often took advantage of him. They would get him to say rude words to adults telling him they meant something different. He was so beautifully naïve.

In one class at school, he liked to sit next to Samuel. Samuel seemed like a nice kid, he had blond hair and glasses and looked like the Milky Bar kid. However, Samuel was one of those who loved to play tricks on Lawrence. In English, the teacher asked the children to write some fan-fiction about their favourite children’s story. Lawrence didn’t understand what fan fiction was and so he asked Samuel. “Oh, fan fiction is when you write a story with fans in it, you know for hot weather” Samuel replied.

Lawrence believed him and was upset when the teacher wrote ‘2/10 See Me’ in his exercise book.

When Lawrence was doing a painting in art class, Samuel jogged his arm and made him paint a wide red line over the tree he was painting.

“Oh Sorry,” Said Samuel, although he’d done it deliberately, “What you need is one of those things that can remove red paint. Why don’t you ask Miss Simmonds for one, they’re called a ‘blow-job’.”

Poor Lawrence couldn’t understand why Miss Simmonds had reacted so violently, putting him in detention and writing a letter to his parents.

It was a few years later that the real bullying started. Kids started pushing Lawrence around in the playground. He remembered what his parents had told him about ‘turning the other cheek’ so he didn’t react. What people didn’t know was that Lawrence was keeping a lot of things bottled up inside him. His parents were going through a divorce and he was spending a lot of time at his grandparents. His mother wasn’t dealing with the divorce at all well and was crying a lot of the time. Lawrence hated seeing his mother cry into her pillow. One day, she made him his packed lunch to take to school. He loved it when she made him a packed lunch because she made much nicer sandwiches than Granny did. However, at lunchtime, the Kids decided that they’d play a game with Lawrence.

“Let’s play piggy in the middle,” Robbie said. Robbie was one of those kids who had been picked on a lot himself, but rather than have sympathy for poor Lawrence had instead gotten a thrill out of finding someone he could bully himself. There was a group of five of them. Robbie, Alex, Johnnie, Aaron and Raymond, all of them were the same type, cowards who made themselves feel bigger by picking on the one kid in school who wouldn’t hit back.

They decided that Lawrence would be their piggy in the middle and that his lunchbox would be the ball.

Lawrence was distraught when they took his lunchbox away. It was the first time in weeks his mother had felt like making him lunch and it was precious to him. As they threw his lunch to each other and laughed at him, something inside him snapped.

He exploded into a violent rage, a conniption. He grabbed each of the bullies in turn and physically threw them. Where the strength came from no one knew, least of all Lawrence. When the red mist slowly left him and he collapsed to the floor clasping his lunchbox and gasping for air, the playground looked like a battlefield. The bullies were all lying on the ground, groaning. Their day of Judgement had dawned.

No one bullied him again. No one even came near.

The End

Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 02/07/2018


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  1. A fictional true story, if there can be such a thing. It’s a good thing when the bullied child retaliates in kind and establishes his right to be safe from bullying. It’s horrendous, though, when he stores up his hurt and rage until he’s murderous.

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  2. Once my son came home from school exceptionally hungry; he had given his lunch to a kid who was bullied out of his (like Lawrence.) As Andrew told me the story, he started crying. He befriended the kid who was bullied, and always stood up for him. That was the day I knew my husband and I were great parents.

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  3. I’m glad and sad for him. Which I think is the point. My son was bullied and when he hugged his bully instead of hit her, he got suspended and the school wouldn’t let him play that sport without me there. He was 9. Needless to say, we aren’t in that school any longer.

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  4. I can tell that’s written from the heart … when enough is enough, then it is time for the worm to turn. I’m proud of you 🌸
    (Is that weird? Forgive me if it is, but I am. So there)

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