Tuesday Photo Prompt – Dichotomy at Whitby

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In response to this great photo above, I took something similar when I went to Whitby in May. They have a great graveyard on a hill and it overlooks the town, bustling with life and the sea. In Bram Stoker’s book Dracula, this graveyard is the hiding place of that Vampiric being.

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9 thoughts on “Tuesday Photo Prompt – Dichotomy at Whitby”

  1. I like to wander through cemeteries and see who all is resting in peace there. 🙂
    In quite another vein, I searched for your blog on my phone and found your Home page. But I can’t get from there to anything you’ve posted. For some reason no Menu shows up — or is it just my porr tech-smarts?

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    1. I’m not sure, It may be something to do with the screen, the menu is on the left, but maybe it’s not set up for phones. I’m terrible at the technical stuff. I shall have a fiddle and see if I can sort it out.


    2. I find it easily on the computer — and normally sidebars appear under the actual Home Page display. but yours doesn’t — on my phone. Maybe I’m not clicking on the right spot. I’m going to check out some others that use your theme.

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  2. ooh that’s an interesting connection and obviously got a lot more history to it than my shot, thanks for joining in Kristian
    … had no net access but am back on air again now!

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