The Greatest Dancer – A silly poem

This poem was inspired by the Three Things Challenge set by Theresa the Haunted Wordsmith, It’s great to see her back.

Today’s things are: flower pot, stereo instructions, dancer

Plus the Word of the Day: Bravado

and Fandango’s Word: Reflex.

FOWC with Fandango — Reflex


The Greatest Dancer

I am the greatest dancer

when I have had a few

Like a noble pony prancer

you’ve seen nothing like I can do


I give it everything I’ve got,

with a bravado something keen

around a handbag, or flower pot

with a passion, you’ve never seen.


They tell me, I’m something great,

when I get out on the floor,

I kick my feet and while I gyrate,

everyone else runs out the door.


I have a reflex like a cat,

that’s what one survivor said

though he was a bit delirious

when I accidentally kicked him in the head.


So let me put on my favourite songs

I know that there’ll be major ructions

an exodus of desperate throngs

as I reach for the stereo instructions. 


Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 24/August/2018

Picture from Pexels, Free WordPress Picture Library


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9 thoughts on “The Greatest Dancer – A silly poem”

    1. Ha ha, Thank you. It is semi true, I love dancing but people often stand stunned around me, I’m never sure if that is a good thing or not.. I’ve never actually kicked anyone in the head though 😉


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