With Some Bravado – The Murder Mystery Continues

I started writing a murder mystery some time ago, we are almost at the end now. This is the penultimate instalment before the final reveal (and possibly an epilogue).

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With Some Bravado

Audrey Patterson had just made a statement concerning the death of Christopher Copeland who was found dead of a suspected suicide.

It was strange because it was the very same room in which, twenty years or so before, she had made a statement. That had been when a man mysteriously choked to death at a dinner party to which she’d been invited. That young man had been a notable scientist, or he’d appeared to be. Things had not been at all what they seemed. It was just the case this time as well. Then it had been Inspector Thorpe who had been in charge of that case. Now retired, Sir Alfred Thorpe sat in a chair by the door and behind the desk was the man in charge of this case, Inspector Coulson. He was a youngish man, she guessed in his late Thirties and he had a fluffy moustache and beard the colour of spun gold.

She had made a statement to the effect that Christopher Copeland had not committed suicide or murder. She stated that the boy was murdered and the note planted by someone else. She gave the inspector the same reasons that she had stated to Sir Alfred earlier.

She had visited the young man not long before he was discovered and he had been in a pitiful state. She had made him some toast, tidied up and given him two of her own aspirin because he had not had any medicine of any kind in his flat.

Sir Alfred, who was there to give her support, which she was grateful for, had made, at the time a rather alarming insinuation. He had intimated that she, out of a mixture of boredom and a sense of self-aggrandisement, had committed the murder herself, not just of the boy, but also of the deaths of her friend Claudia Halifax and her Maid Elsie.

It was true that she was connected to all three deaths, but she was not only innocent, but she now had some idea of who may have been responsible. She couldn’t quite claim to have solved the case, that would have been a gross oversimplification, but she felt she was almost there.

They were able to ascertain pretty quickly that her bottle of pills contained exactly what she claimed it did; Aspirin. Sir Alfred had heaved a sigh of relief, it appeared he actually believed she’d done it, or at least been worried that she had. His lack of faith in her had upset her. He had apologised what he’d said, but she was still cold with him.

Inspector Coulson had listened to her patiently and quietly to all she had to say. Then he stood up, he was very tall, over Six foot, and smiled. “Thank you, Lady Patterson, for helping my enquiry. I can promise you the assistance you have asked for. I am very interested in your theories and I am very much interested in bringing this murderer to book. Are you sure it was the same murderer who killed all three?”

“Yes Inspector, I am pretty sure it is now”

“Well, I will do everything I can to help. You know that Lord Halifax has exerted pressure to stop his wife’s murder from being investigated.”

“Yes, I am aware of that, but I am sure that hurdle will be easily overcome when we get to the bottom of it. I intend to visit him shortly. Goodbye Inspector.”

Lady Audrey Patterson stood up to her full height, which, although tall for a woman, was markedly shorter than the Inspector. As she walked towards the door, Sir Alfred got up slowly and offered her his arm. She looked at him coldly.

“No thank you, I can manage perfectly well on my own” Audrey said in a voice that could freeze the Sahara.

“Oh, I take it you’d rather not see me again then” His looked a bit moist around the eyes.

She took pity on him and gave him a brief smile “On the Contrary, I want you to come around later for tea, shall we say four-thirty? But don’t think you’re quite off the hook yet” she said with some bravado and walked out, leaving him behind.

Very Nearly The End

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