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I would like to thank Dee Kay of The Floating Thoughts for nominating me. Dee Kay and Roy write a great blog and I strongly recommend you visit and have a look. They often post collaboratory poems asking people to add a few lines, I find these particularly brilliant, to be a part of a creative whole is quite enlightening.

The Awesome Impact Award Nomination

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Something that impacted on my life in a huge way happened back in February of this year.

I had been talking about writing for some time. In fact, I had written some poems and a fantasy story in the past, but it was something that I only did once in a while, despite the fact that I found it a liberating experience.

For my Christmas present, I was given an 8-week Introduction to Creative Writing course at CityLit in London. This had a massive impact on my life. Instead of writing once in a while, I found myself sitting down and writing stories and poems at first weekly, but then it was like a tap being turned on in my head and the creativity flowed.

Next, I was inspired to submit my writing for a competition. It didn’t go anywhere by they sent me a link to WordPress and recommended I start my own blog.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am very old-fashioned (Stuck in the dark ages was how one friend described me) and so I had never expected to start a blog.

In March I started posting material that I had written some time ago. Then I found that I started to write new material daily. I found a blogging community that was supportive and inspired me even further.

I would like to say a huge thank you to all my blogging pals, people who regularly visit and like my work and leave nice comments. To old friends and new ones, thank you.

YOU have made a huge impact in my life.


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37 thoughts on “Awesome Impact Award Nomination”

  1. Congratulations Kristian, you have been nominated by some fine people indeed and so deserving. thank you for sharing this important part of your story. I admire how you totally immersed yourself into the writing process. you are an inspiration to us all. thank you for nominating me, I don’t do awards but am so grateful to be mentioned alongside such amazing people in your blogging world. I am glad I came upon your blog and am enjoying your creativity, not dark ages at all, you have a lot of history and life experience that adds so much value to your writing.

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  2. Congratulations on another award — and I’m glad you found the “tap” for your creativity.

    I thought awhile back of starting an award —I’d call it the “Share the Smiles Award.” Had it all planned out and even picked a badge to go with it. It wold be “presented to the following bloggers for writing this post that gave me a smile.” (Link to post)
    Then I wavered. Maybe there are enough blog awards already. Now I see new ones are still being created and appreciated.

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    1. That sounds like a nice award to me. Yes there are a lot of awards and they can be time-consuming and there are a lot of ‘non award’ blogs out there. Rather than an award, you could do a regular monthly post nominating a few of your favourite posts that people had done that made you smile. 🙂


  3. Congratulations! You really do make an awesome impact. I look forward to your posts with great anticipation each day and you never disappoint. Writing is a hard field to get a break in but I have every confidence in you, as a voracious bookworm your writing isnt like cake, nope, that’s not nearly enough! You’re the whole dessert trolley!

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  4. You do make an impact yourself in how you relate write, engage, and just being you. Stuck in the Dark Ages or not, you are a “sunbeam” for those needing light.

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  5. Aaaaah…lovely Kristian.
    Really enjoyed reading more about how you started down this blogging path.
    Thank you for the nomination…
    It is 3.30am right now…so I am going to close my lap top now… but at some stage over the next few days I will publish a post in connection with the nomination. Thank you!

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