Snifty Sleuth – The Epilogue

Well, here it is, the final solution to the Murder Mystery challenge that A Guy Called Bloke was hosting.
Did you solve it?

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Snifty Sleuth – The Epilogue

An altercation was taking place in one of the hotel bedrooms. Two female voices could be heard coming from inside, or they would have been, if there had been anyone left alive to hear it.

A sultry voice said “Well I am glad that’s all over. Oh, I enjoyed it while it lasted, but it will be nice to get out of here and start spending the money, now the police think it was that boy. Did you know he was Charles’ illegitimate son?”

In clear cold tones another voice replied “No, I just thought he’d make an excellent person to pin the blame on and I knew you could wrap him around your little finger, you were always great at that Sis. This has worked out very well. When both Charles and you received letters inviting…

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