The Spice Highway – Those lies our parents told.

This is inspired by Fandango’s one word – Highway

FOWC with Fandango — Highway

and also Sheryl’s Your Daily Word – Spice

When I was quite young there was a song in the charts by a band called the Stranglers.

The song was called Golden Brown. It had a good melody and a really interesting harpsichord backing. It became an earworm for me for ages and I used to sing it (not that anyone else would call it singing) around the house.

The lyrics were as follows:

Golden brown texture like sun
Lays me down with my might she runs
Throughout the night
No need to fight
Never a frown with golden brown
Every time just like the last
On her ship tied to the mast
To distant lands
Takes both my hands
Never a frown with golden brown
Golden brown finer temptress
Through the ages, she’s heading west
From far away
Stays for a day
Never a frown with golden brown
Never a frown
With golden brown
Never a frown
With golden brown
One day I asked my parents what the song was about. I would have been six or seven at the time.
They told me the song was about the Spice Highway – The trade in spice that followed a path like the Silk Road. This turned out to be one of those little white lies that parents tell their children.
The song is actually about Heroin
I am very anti-drugs, because of what they did to my sister.
It’s still a great song though. (I still prefer to think it’s about Cinnamon)
Enjoy the song – Don’t do drugs.
Have a great weekend everyone.


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  1. Like all art, it can be subject to interpretation. Just because a song is about something specific doesn’t mean it means that specific thing to everyone. Norwegian Wood is not about furniture, but some like to think so. Brown eyed girl… there are a lot of songs out there with hidden, double and changed meanings.

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