Kira’s Sunday Scribbles – Poem about Anxiety – Not sure what to call it though…




You make windows into my mind

Then mine the misery you create

You highlight any faults you find

And turn my love into bitter hate


I loathe you and love you in kind

You make me cry then harvest the tears

I know they say that love is blind

But I felt the torments of the years


You’ve extracted my pain

For so little gain.

for your sadistic pleasure,

at your leisure.


But now I shake off your shackles

I revel in your coming demise

I am free from wolves and jackals

And no longer fooled by your disguise.


Wisdom comes finally, at last,

And frees me from my captive past.

And though the hourโ€™s far too late,

Time will extricate me from your hate.


While you took pleasure from my pain.

Ultimately it was all in vain

For I have reclaimed control

And regained my enslaved soul.


While you begin your last descent

Into Hellโ€™s flames eternal torment.


Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 03/September/2018

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