Manic Mondays 3-way challenge – Departing Hope.

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They met on the beach for the last time and watched the sunset together.

Theirs was not the typical holiday romance. They weren’t young teenagers just starting out in life. They were on a team building weekend. The rest of the team hadn’t really bonded but they did. From the first exercise, the falling backwards and trusting their partner to catch them, they had hit it off. He’d dropped her on the floor, but they laughed so much about it, they were almost thrown out of the conference room.

That evening they had talked and talked about their lives. He was married with two teenage boys. He and his wife hated each other but stayed together for the boys’ sake.

She told about her husband who she had loved desperately, but just before she was due to depart on this team building event, he’d thrown a Jealous fit. She then discovered that he’d been having an affair with his boss for the past seven years after their own team building event in Cardiff. He had the nerve to be jealous of her when she’d been faithful throughout their twenty years of marriage and he was the one who’d broken their vows. It was quite shocking how quickly her love had turned to hate. It was because it made all those years together with him a lie. He was shallow, conceited and controlling but she’d put up with that because she thought he loved her.

Iain had been so easy to talk to. She was scared that letting all her anger, disappointment and frustration out would make him want to run away but he was so understanding. They discussed all their problems and it was so liberating. To have someone actually sit there and listen to you. To offer advice and have someone thank you for it. While the rest of the team went down the town and got drunk, all part of the experience, apparently, they just talked.

His wife, Sheila and her husband, Dave, sounded very similar in her opinion. Both of them had high-powered jobs in the City. Both were selfish, self-centred people who didn’t think anything of having affairs. Iain told her how he found out she was having an affair on Christmas-eve when she told him that her marriage was a sham, she didn’t love him anymore but that for the children’s sake they should stay together. It was just before going out to dinner with her parents. He’d had to pretend nothing had happened. If that had been an isolated transgression, Iain said he would have forgiven her, but it was one of many. He had wanted to leave, but she always used emotional blackmail to keep him there. Controlling, just like her Dave.

‘Dave’ she thought to herself ‘ I loathe you so much.’

That last night, they walked along the beach hand-in-hand. It had been the best evening of her life, but tomorrow they were both departing, back to the UK and their lives they despised.

Iain looked into her eyes, they both had tears in them, knowing it was the last time they would be together in this was.

“Lisa, I know that we have to go back, neither of us is the kind of people who give up on our marriage, but I want you to know I have never met anyone before who I feel so happy with.” The two of them kissed as the sun set beneath the horizon, taking with it their hope for the future.

The End


Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 03/September/2018

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