A Silly Joke for you.

A Gremlin, a Zombie and a Poltergeist walk into a bar.


The barman, who had seen everything in his time didn’t bat an eyelid.


“What’ll it be?” He asked them.


“I’ll have your blood,” Said the Gremlin, licking his lips.

“Brains,” Said the Zombie, mindlessly.

“I’ll have your soul” exclaimed the poltergeist grinning with insane energy.


“Oh No!” Exclaimed the barman, “Don’t tell me it’s election time again!”



Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 04/September/2018


This was written in response to The Haunted Wordsmith’s Three Things Challenge and also the Ragtag Word Prompt. (so blame them not me šŸ˜‰ )





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