Multiple word prompt story – All in a day’s work.

This short tale was inspired by the following words:

Today’s things are: turtle, crepe, radio

All in a Day’s Work

The news came on the radio, the Imperial State Bridge had collapsed. Hundreds of people’s lives were at stake, it was time to change. Game on.

She reached into the back of the wardrobe and took out her orange costume. It was a full body leotard with a stab proof and bullet proof lining and a fetching turtle neck in contrasting purple.

It also had a cape of purple crepe silk.

Her purple velvet mask hid her fine cheekbones but highlighted her green catlike eyes. The mask also held back her cascading chestnut coloured hair.

As she pulled on her purple suede boots, she through her normal clothes into the washing basket. She was a master of the multitask, after all, she was a mother of three, did all her own housework, kept her secret hideout immaculately clean and was editor of the local newspaper.

She opened the window wide and using the special powers that she had somehow acquired from the toxic mixture of cleaning chemicals and printer’s ink, she flew off to save the day.

She didn’t call herself a hero, that word wasn’t enough for her. She was a heroine, but not because of her special powers or the fact that she saved lives. She had raised three children who were well mannered and caring and didn’t spend their lives on their phones all the time. That’s what made her a heroine, the rest was all part of the job.


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