Multiple Word Prompt Story – The Riparian Feast.

This story was inspired by the following word prompts:

Today’s things are: takeaway, potatoes, pizza

The Riparian Feast 

Miranda was famous for being erratic. Nothing was ever planned in advance, everything was completely spontaneous. It made her exciting but also slightly exhausting.

“Come on, let’s have a picnic” Miranda announced to the room.

It was one of those lazy Sundays in September and the sun was streaming in through the window. It had become a regular pattern over the last few years that August would be a bit of a washout but that early September would be glorious but with cooler evenings and earlier sunsets.

The others were all laying about, listening to music or reading magazines. The floor appeared to be a mass of stretched out legs in a variety of colours and textures. Keith had decided that good weather or not, it was time to get out his brown corduroy trousers. Steve was determinedly hanging on to summer and was wearing shorts, so his hairy legs were on full display. Jeannie had short on too, but her slender model’s legs were a bit easier on the eye than Steve’s hirsute offerings.

Cathy had on a pair of dungarees. She had several pairs and rarely wore anything else. She was the tomboy of the group.

They were an arty set. Jeannie was a fashion model, but was keen to move behind the camera and was studying photography at university. Cathy was a potter, a maker of utilitarian vessels in the arts and crafts tradition. She had a kiln and a potter’s wheel in her basement flat but it didn’t leave her with any living space of her own so she used to hang out in Miranda and Jeannie’s apartment instead. Keith and Steve were struggling actors, which is another way of saying they were currently unemployed.

No one had looked up when Miranda made her original pronouncement but she was not the kind to give up without a fight.

“Look, guys, the sun is shining, the birds are singing, Winter’s just around the corner, we’ve got to make the most of this while we can.”

Jeannie looked up from reading her photography magazine “But a picnic? Can’t we just go for walk in the park or something?”

Miranda through open the kitchen cupboard to see what they had to eat. Languishing at the back was a sack of potatoes well past their best. There wasn’t much else, it was practically ‘Mother Hubbard’ territory.

“Come on you guys, Keith’s still got some gas in the van, let’s go for a drive and find a little idyllic spot by the river. I’m in the mood for a riparian feast.” Miranda liked to put he degree in English to full effect by throwing in the odd word that most people hadn’t heard of, just to create a stir. Unfortunately, the gang was far too used to her ways to batt an eyelid.

Steve stood up and stretched his arms above his handsome blond head. “Well I’m game, but what are we going to eat? It won’t be much of a picnic with nothing but a few mouldy old potatoes.”

“I know,” Said Miranda with enthusiasm, “We can order takeaway Pizza.”

With some reluctance, they all decided to go along with Miranda’s plan or they’d get no peace what so ever. As soon as the Pizza was delivered, they all jumped in the van and drove off to find adventure.

The End


Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 12/September/2018


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