Keeping Granny on her Toes – A Poem

This poem was written in response to this challenge set by Esther Chilton.

If you want to take part, see the link below:

The challenge was to write something about “Kids”.


Keeping Granny on her Toes


As my cousins and I ran through

granny’s house, leaving carpet skids,

We heard her dulcet tones ring out

screaming “Bloody Kids”.


Granny loved her grandchildren very dearly,

of that we were aware,

‘But why’, thought Granny, ‘did her daughters

use her for free childcare?’


She chased us around her garden beds

with her garden hose.

We all thought it was our duty,

to keep dear Granny on her toes.


But although she used to swear,

and shout when we behaved ‘full-on’,

Granny gave us all the best of hugs,

and I miss her now she’s gone.


Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 13/September/2018

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