50 Word Thursday #19 – The Last Dinosaur.

Debbie Whittam has set a challenge to write a poem or story in 50 words, or multiples of 50 up to a maximum of 250 words, inspired by a picture and include some particular lines.


Here is the story I wrote last week:



Here is this weeks picture.



Here are the words to incorporate:

“So the murdered man was a dinosaur prospector.”

Douglas Preston’s Tyrannosaur Canyon

Here is my story:

The Last Dinosaur

In a cave on the remotest of islands in the Svalbard archipelago, they stood staring at the human remains at their feet.

The Geologist and the Archaeologist both turned to the Explorer in anger.

“You’ve brought us to this horrible place, just for this! These human remains are barely ten years old, not the remains of ancient man, even you could see that!” Shouted Peter Templar.

“I thought you said there was evidence of Dinosaurs here” Brian Gardner added.

“Oh, there’s evidence alright” Responded Grieg Larsson as he pointed further into the cave at a pair of enormous footprints.

So the murdered man was a dinosaur prospector who came with me on my last expedition here eight years ago. He’d broken his leg but before we could rescue him, we were chased away by a living Dinosaur. From the tooth marks on these bones, I think Leif Torssen was eaten by it.”

Brian Gardner straightened from examining the prints “Impossible, these prints appear to be from a Triceratops type Dinosaur. Our evidence from the fossil record shows us they were herbivores.”

Just then they heard a loud snort coming from further back in the cave system, followed by the sound of a heavy stampede. The walls of the cave shook and debris fell from the roof as something drew nearer.

“Well, I’d say it looks like this one has developed a taste for meat and I wouldn’t want to linger any longer if I were you.”

They turned and ran.


Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 20/September/2018

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