A silly poem – Food that I Adore.

This poem was written in response to this challenge set by Esther Chilton.

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The challenge was to write something about your favourite food.



Of all the foodstuffs I like most,

I’ve got to say, it’s beans on toast.

I could eat them for my dinner,

I would happily have a munch,

And though you may call me Sinner

I’d have them for my lunch,

And breakfast too, I’m not so proud,

They’re cheap as chips, so lick my lips,

I’m prepared to shout out loud.

It’s beans on toast that I love most

They help me dissipate the crowd,

With an unfortunate gaseous cloud.

There is one thing more,

That I adore,

And I could not forsake,

So, therefore, let me implore

Bring me some Tea and Cake.


Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 20/September/2018

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10 thoughts on “A silly poem – Food that I Adore.”

  1. Baked beans…now I am a fan myself…nothing better than baked beans (preferably with cheese on my jacket potatoe…
    However…almost all of my friends from abroad think they are gross! They seem to be as love hate as Marmite.
    Great fun poem!

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