Multiple Word Prompt Story – A Boyish Infatuation.

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As he lay on his camp bed beneath the stars, he heard the rustling of the bushes as she emerged. Her blond hair hung loosely instead of tied back in a bun. He watched as she removed a diaphanous dressing gown revealing a soft slippery satin negligee beneath, shining in the silvery moonlight.

Then he awoke from his reverie, the burning smoke of the campfire dispelling the last remnants of the dream.

He had to admit he had a burning infatuation for the one of the staff at summer camp.

If camping wasn’t hard enough without this added emotional turmoil that he thought he had grown out of long ago. He wasn’t a young boy anymore, he was a professor of botany and a guest of the camp. He’d been invited by the camp owner, a Dr M. MacDonald, to teach the kids about the flora and fauna but his mind kept wandering back to her. Maybe it was the atmosphere of adolescence that had instilled in him those feelings of a teenage crush. Then again, she was the loveliest girl he had ever seen.

He walked over to the wash tent and was surprised when a soft voice called out to him.

“Professor Jones? You’re up early” Emily smiled at him. Rather than a skimpy negligee, she was wearing sensible pyjamas but he still felt his breath freeze and his heart pound in his chest.

“Yes, I couldn’t sleep. I thought I might as well get ready for the day” Professor Jones tried to smile but looked rather sickly.

“Mary and I are so glad you could come and teach the kids some of your botanical knowledge” Emily continued, still smiling.

“Mary?” Professor Jones inquired.

“Yes, Dr Mary MacDonald? She runs the camp, I believe she hired you. She’s my partner.”

With that crushing blow, his boyish dreams died.


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