Multiple Word Prompt Story – An Obsequious Encounter.

Today’s things are: candy, teeth, grater



“Let me dedicate myself to your service,” The man said in a rather obsequious manner, grabbing her hand.

“Er, Ok, I suppose” responded Deborah, looking about and trying to find a way to escape.

“Look above us, there is a panoply of stars, yet their beauty is nothing compared to yours” the man continued.

Deborah couldn’t help wondering where this guy was from. Who speaks like that nowadays? He had a way that set her teeth on edge and she regretted sitting next to him now.

Then she saw a group of guys emerge from the trees laughing at them.

“Hey, Look. Lawrence has found another victim to test his lines out on” Shouted one of the men. His laugh was like a grater on her nerves.

She pulled her hand away and stood up. The man’s appearance changed and became more normal again. He smiled at her and she realised he had nice eyes.

“Sorry, I just couldn’t resist trying out some lines and seeing how you’d react, it’s for my drama class. Would you like some candy?” He pulled out a bag of sweets from his pocket and offered them to her but she declined.

“Are you an actor then?” Deborah asked. Now he was no longer grovelling and spouting gibberish he seemed a lot nicer.

“No, not really, but one day I hope to be very famous. Are you sure you wouldn’t like some candy corn?”

“No thanks. I need to be getting home.”

One of the guys came over with a beer bottle in his hand “Come on Lawrence, we’ll be late for the club.”

Lawrence looked into her eyes, “Goodbye, what’s your name by the way?”

“It’s Deborah, Deborah Phillips”.

“Nice to meet you, Deborah.”

He joined his mates and they walked off towards the centre of town, she heard someone say “I don’t know how you do it, you just look at them and smile and they seem to fall in love with you”

That wiped the smile of Deborah’s face. She walked towards her house and let herself in. Her parents were watching television in the lounge, it was one of those Crimewatch shows. Just then she saw him, the man in the park. The man on the T.V. was holding up a photograph of Lawrence.

“This man wanted in several states, he’s known as the Candyman. He offers young girls drugged candy then he rapes them. Be on the lookout for him, he is thought to operate in a gang, but he is the one who lures the girls.”

Deborah passed out in the hall.


Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 23/September/2018

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