100 Word Story – With an Iron Will.

This is a sequel to the story I wrote, Empty at the Wake, see below:


I have had so many positive comments about this story and in particular feeling a great deal of empathy and sympathy with the much maligned main character that I felt duty bound to write a short sequel in order to reassure that though she is suffering, she will survive. 


While she stood iron-straight with a cup of tea clasped in one hand, the family Solicitor arrived.

While some guests milled about in the hall she along with her late husband’s two sisters went into the Dining room to hear the reading of the will.

The Solicitor announced that the Family home, contents and entire fortune were left to his Widow. She saw the emotions on her sisters in law’s faces change from outrage to disappointment to realising that their continued comfort depended on her.

Resisting their sudden insincere charm, she turned and instructed the Solicitor to sell the house.

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