Leaning on the Lamppost – More Old Music.


Fandango’s Word Prompt was Lamppost and being of an old-fashioned frame of mind, I instantly thought of this song that my Nan used to like.

George Formby was a man who became extremely popular during the War in England, he made quite a few films and his songs were hits. They were always comical and amusing songs, like “When I’m Cleaning Windows” and the wartime song “Bless ‘Em All”.

See this link to find out more about him.


The Lyrics.

I’m leaning on a lamp–maybe you think I look a tramp.

Or you may think I’m hanging ’round to steal a car.

But no! I’m not a crook,

and if you think that’s what I look,

I’ll tell you why I’m here and what my motives are.

I’m leaning on the lamp-post at the corner of the street

in case a certain little lady comes by.

Oh me, oh my,

I hope the little lady comes by.

I don’t know if she’ll get away.

She doesn’t always get away, but anyhow I know that she’ll try.

Oh me, oh my,

I hope the little lady comes by.

There’s no other girl I would wait for,

but this one I’d break any date for.

I won’t have to ask what she’s late for.

She wouldn’t leave me flat.

She’s not a girl like that.

Oh, she’s absolutely wonderful and marvellous and beautiful.

And anyone can understand why

I’m leaning on a lamp-post at the corner of the street in case a certain little lady passes by.


UPDATE: I have just found out that my very good friend Mel at Crushed Caramel has posted pretty much the same thing! Great minds think alike and we seem to share a great taste in music.

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FOWC with Fandango — Lamppost


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    1. I can’t wait. A few years ago we did a Baltic cruise, a friend of ours was hired as a musician on the cruise so we went along. It was fantastic to see Stockholm, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Tallinn and St.Petersburg, but we missed out Norway. So ever since I have been saving up to go to Norway. I feel we have to make it up to her. 🙂 Thanks Mel. 🙂

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