Send your warm thoughts….

A message about one of our Word of the Day members:
Sending Dee my thoughts at this sad time.

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Hello fellow wordsmiths,

I hope you are all having a great month of October.

Even if the Word of the Day Challenge is a blog made to inspire you daily with words and art pieces, it is important to remember that it is run by a handful of bloggers with normal lives. And life has its ups and downs.

We learnt just yesterday that Dee, the founder of the Word of the Day Challenge, and co-administrator of our blog, is going through the loss of a family member. Kristian and I will cover up while Dee takes time to herself. We will fill up, to make sure you get your daily word.

If you’d like to offer your good words to Dee, you can do so by clicking here. I am sure every comment will be like a warm hug to her in this difficult time.

As always…

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