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I have been nominated to take part in this fun Hocus Pocus themes questionnaire but Teresa at the Haunted Wordsmith. Thanks, Teresa, this looks fun.

Click below to see her post and read her brilliant answers to the questions.


OK then.

The questions are:

  1. Sarah, Mary, & Winifred Sanderson: Being a witch is hard, but so is writing. If you had magical, witchy powers what aspect of writing or what part of the process would you magically skip over?
  2. Max and Dani: What relationships tend to be at the core of your books? Friends? Family? Romance?
  3. Amuck, Amuck, Amuck!: How do you approach the chaos that is drafting? Are you a plotter, a pantster, or a combo of both?
  4. I Put a Spell on You: How do you deal with book ideas that want to pull your focus from your main WIP?
  5. Thackery Binx: Things aren’t always what they seem–Think back to when you first started writing to where you are now. How has your process transformed from then to now?
  6. My Lucky Rat Tail: Do you have a writing ritual? If not, what are some of your favourite writing tools?
  7. Boooooookkk: Favorite Writing Craft Book?
  8. Another Glorious Morning: Do you enjoy writing in the morning? Or do you prefer the evening, like Winnifred?
  9. The Black Flame Candle: What’s one of the biggest mistakes you’ve made so far in your writing journey? OR What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned?
  10. Billy Butcherson: What’s a trope that most people hate, but you love and would like to see “come back from the dead”?
  11. Come Little Children: Songs that give you a “hypnotic” focus when writing? I.e., fav songs on your writing playlist


and my answers:

  1. I agree with Teresa here, it is the whole editing thing. I just want what I have written to be perfect the first time with no spelling or grammatical errors and no words that repeat themselves without me noticing. Perfect first draft. That’s my spell.
  2. Most of my stories have a nostalgic air. I have written stories with a romantic connection but generally, that isn’t a main part of the plot. Mostly my stories revolve around family and memories.
  3. I’m guessing by Pantster, that means ‘flying by the skin of my pants’ kind of stuff. Well, that is me. I do not sit down and draft everything out, That is just not me at all. I start to write and let my imagination flow. Sometimes it doesn’t work out, but usually, it does.
  4. This shows my ignorance. I don’t know what this question means.
  5. I truly believe that writing is a bit like going to the gym and exercising, the more you write the better you get. I can’t say exactly how I’ve improved, but I must have. Surely?
  6. I am not a ritual kind of person. When something starts to become a ritual I get bored and move on to do something else. I don’t have any writing ‘tools’ either. Just my fingers and the computer, sometimes a notepad and pencil. That’s it.
  7. I don’t have one of these writing craft book things. I just write and hope to the best. I have been attending a creative writing course and intend to do another one in the new year. I don’t like to over analyse what I do, I just do it and find that works for me. The proof of the pudding is in whether anyone wants to read what I’ve written and whether they like it.
  8. I am a between 8am and 8pm person. I don’t think anything I write late is any good at all.
  9. There are hundreds of different ways to write and providing it doesn’t have any grammatical or spelling errors in it, then that’s fine. There is not one single right way to write, if you enjoy what you do and someone else likes it, that’s justification enough.
  10. What’s a trope?
  11. I don’t like complete silence, but I can’t listen to music with lyrics, I tend to listen to classical music. You can’t beat a bit of Haydn or Mozart to get those creative juices flowing.



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  1. I had to look up trope too, lol! I’ve heard it used but I often had a different reaction to what came next. These are great answers. I think sometimes people get too focused on trying to find the next Harry Potter (billion dollar idea) that they forget its not about what is “hot” or on some agent’s manuscript wish list (I actually found one the other day that wants a YA Five Shades of Grey, I mean come on!). In the book world, there is a lot of talk about aiming for becoming a one-draft writer…come on! Yes King has claimed to be one, as well as Orson Scott Card, but let’s face it, they have put out some crap too. Too many people trying to be more than they think they are, so they can’t see what they can actually do.

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    1. So true 🙂 I just entered a 13-words Halloween contest just because…you never know. Being yourself is all you really can be.

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