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A Guy Called Bloke has nominated me for this award. There has been a spate of these at the moment and so I am going to be radical by breaking the rules.

If you aren’t already following A Guy Called Bloke, you should be because he is fantastic. He writes some great poetry and has lots of competitions and quizzes and helps to raise your profile by reblogging unless you ask him not to, he’s a real gent.

Check out his blog here:

The Sunshine Blogger Award Nomination 2018 6 & 7

Here are the Rules that I’m breaking:

The Rules

  • Thank the blogger/s who nominated you.  – I’m doing that one, Thanks, Rory.
  • Use the “Sunshine Blogger Award” logo on your post and list the rules. – I’m doing that one too, I’m quite a rule taker really.
  • Answer the 11 questions the selector asks of you. – yes,  I am going to do that.
  • Nominate 5-11 bloggers you want to give the award to. – Nope, not going to, so there 😉 
  • Ask  11 questions of your own. – Nope, not going to do that either, call your lawyer 😉 


The Questions:

What’s the most fun you have ever had without being under the influence of something or someone?

A. Well, I do rather enjoy a nice cup of tea and a slice of cake. 

What’s the most fun you have ever had without the obvious, naked?

A. Got to be Tea and Cake again. I had Afternoon Tea at Brown’s Hotel in Piccadilly once. That was lovely, and we were fully clothed or it would have caused rather a stir. Naked afternoon tea hasn’t caught on to my knowledge, maybe I’m not frequenting the right, or WRONG, places. 

What’s the most fun you have ever had whilst under the influence of something or someone?

A. I am often influenced to have a cup of tea. Did I mention I’m rather partial to it? You could say I’m under the influence of Caffeine too, I suppose. 

What’s the stupidest question l have ever asked of you?

A. There are no Stupid questions, only people like me who are stupid enough to try to answer them. 

What’s the question you want to answer but no one yet, even me has not yet asked you?

A. Would you like a part-time job writing for my magazine? That would be quite nice. 

What’s your suggestion for the Christmas Challenge?

A. My suggestion would be an Advent calendar and behind each door is a random Christmassy themed picture and people have to write a short poem or story, 250-word maximum. 

What is the craziest blog you have ever read, and l don’t mean mine?

A. Well, the blogosphere is full of uniquely wonderful people and blogs and I wouldn’t call any of them crazy, just different. 🙂 

What is the theory of what is?

A. If it exists, then it is and if it doesn’t, it’s isn’t. 

What is the colour red when mixed with Tripping the Light Fantastic?

A. Probably some kind of pale pink or lavender, that’s what happens when I put something red in the washing machine, anyway. 

What is the answer to the Dodo, like seriously why?

A. I’d go back in time and make sure it knows not to approach any Portuguese sailors. I’d try and teach it to fly too. Or I may bring a couple back with me to start a new breeding programme. 

And finally, what is the answer to this riddle?

A. There is no answer, there are only more questions, such is life. 



This is the bit where I break the rules. There have been a lot of these going around, so if you would like to take part in this, please take up the baton and consider yourself nominated.

I am not going to set any questions either. Answer Rory’s great questions above, or you can imagine all the great questions that you’d like to be asked and make-believe I asked them.


Have a Great Day Everyone. 🙂


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23 thoughts on “Sunshine Blogger – Answering Life’s Questions”

  1. I really enjoyed these unique questions — and your unique answers to them. I especially like the “There are no stupid questions,” reply. Stupid is such an ugly word, anyway. I vote we ban it as an outdated cliche. 🙂
    Enjoy your tea and cake. My question: What flavours are your favourites?

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    1. The word ‘Stupid’ is just stupid in itself, I agree. Tea is strictly the dried leaf of the Camelia sinensis plant, herbal and fruit ‘tea’ is really a tisane. I like a good strong Assam tea with milk and no sugar.

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    2. I’ve always enjoyed reading The Friendship Book of Francis Gay, in fact I have quite a collection of them. At times he mentions China or Ceylon tea, as does cozy mystery writer Alison Golden. Her Inspector David Graham is always ordering some exotic tea blend. For the most part we Canadians are more likely to order coffee blends.

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    3. I know coffee is now the be all and end all for some, but I can’t even stand the smell of it, let alone the taste. I have had some china tea, I quite like oolong tea and Puerh tea. I also love Ceylon tea in the summer with a slice of lemon instead of milk. shall have a look for that book, it sounds intriguing. Have you read any of Alexander McCall Smith’s Lady Detective Agency, about a lady detective in Botswana. She drinks Rooibosh tea, or Redbush. I don’t mind that tea either, on occasions. 🙂

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  2. Well done! I am still head-aching on how to answer Rory’s questions…especially the last four. What is going on with these awards hey? It’s like a contagious epidemic! But they are a nice sign that people think fondly of you…so they are a plus.
    Now I am all for tea and cake Kristian, but there is no way I am going to believe that is the most fun you have had!

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  3. Excellent Kristian, l see you opted for the Nominee exemption Card, so well played my friend 🙂

    Plus also, l do like your suggestion for the next challenge. Melanie of Sparks also made suggestion towards “A Christmas Carol”, so we are building up a nice selection 🙂

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