Twittering Tales # 110 – Mindless Sheep – A Tale in less than 280 characters.


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As they peered into the cage, one animal glanced back.

The creature spent most of its time staring into its hand, it only looked up briefly.

“To think, they were once considered the most intelligent animals on earth” said the Sheep to its family before moving to the next cage.

[278 Characters]


This story was written for Kat Myrman’s weekly challenge see link below:

Twittering Tales #110 – 13 November 2018


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People are far too complicated to be able to describe in a few words so I am not even going to try.

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  1. This is massively thought-provoking, Kristian – I love it! The idea of humanity being overthrown by another species is both thrilling and unsettling.

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