Incident by Moonlight – A poem.

Gazing up at the sky,

something hit my eye,

in the middle of the night

I didn’t make a fuss

or swear, or cuss,

but it gave me rather a fright.

It smelt rather fowl,

and came from an owl,

I think it damaged my sight.

I was out of luck

I wasn’t moonstruck

and it fell from a pretty big height.

copyright: Kristian Fogarty 20/November/2018

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16 thoughts on “Incident by Moonlight – A poem.”

  1. From Portuguese tradition; an Owl’s droppings fallen upon someone or someone’s object at Night is seem as an omen of near-wisdom. It’s always more poetic to speak of moon-beams though, haha. Awesome, Kristian.

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