100 Word Story – Friday Fictioneers – The Peace that water gives.

PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson 

I always had a fear of water and of drowning.

Life has changed that.

I gazed at that crystal blue mountain stream and listened to the melody as the water gushed over the rocks to collect in the shallow pool below.

The sound soothed that inner torment. I felt a sense of peace.

Life had overwhelmed me; made me realise that fear of drowning, fear of death was nothing compared to my fear of living.

I plunged head first into the freezing water.

Was it possible to drown in shallow water?

It is when you refuse to struggle any more.

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Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 23/November/2018

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  1. Dear Kristian,

    A lot said in the line, “fear of death is nothing compared to fear of living”. Well done. I’m with Dale. I’m not a fan of multiprompts but this was seamless.



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