Manic Monday’s Three Way Prompt – Patience Lost.

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This Story was written in response to Laura M Bailey’s Manic Monday’s 3-way challenge.

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Patience Lost

How long did I sit there for? I lost track of the time

I looked at the clock on the wall and watched as the second hand ticked and the minute hand completed circle after circle. 

I had a glass of water next to me and I sipped it patiently. 

Patience is a virtue and one I usually lack, but there was something in the atmosphere in that dark place that just said, ‘wait, it will all be worth it, you’ll see’. 

Eventually, I felt I couldn’t bear waiting any longer and I stood up to leave

At that moment the heavy wooden door at the top of the stone steps swung open and in walked the person I had wanted to meet for so long. 

He was shorter than I expected, or maybe his advanced age was making him stoop. It was hard to tell, as he was wearing heavy black robes that swamped his body. 

“Going so soon?” The old man laughed but his eyes remained steely blue. His appearance had been a bit of a disappointment, but those eyes held all the power and knowledge that I’d been told about. That was what I had come for. Answers.

“Come, sit and tell me why you are here, and how. I want to know how most of all. Very few have ever found me before.” His voice was superficially friendly but it was like a silk cloth over a snake pit. 

He pointed back towards the chair and As I turned, the old leather chair had been joined by a second which I knew had not been there before. 

This was the man I was seeking. My quest had led me here, my search for power and knowledge. I had already learned so much. I had learned that this man was responsible for everything. He had the power to make life on earth as wonderful or as terrible as he liked. 

We sat down again and I turned to him. I couldn’t stop myself any longer. Finally, I lost patience and pulled out the dagger I had concealed in the lining of my coat and asked the one question I so desperately wanted to know before I took my revenge.

“Why did you let her die?”

The End.

copyright: Kristian Fogarty 27/November/2018

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