Some of my Favourite Hymns

The Word of the Day was Hymns and although they are not to everyone’s taste there are a few hymns that I love and I thought I would share a few with you.

  1. How Great Thou Art

2. To be a Pilgrim – Also known as He who would valiant be.

3. Jerusalem

and while not technically a hymn, this Elvis song is my favourite and could well be a hymn.

4. Crying in the Chapel

What do you think of these hymns? Do you have a favourite hymn or semi-religious song? Please let me know in the comments, or why not do a post and link to this one? 


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15 thoughts on “Some of my Favourite Hymns”

  1. I was sad to miss this prompt because I enjoy many hymns and was hoping to write…well, I guess I still could write something!
    Anyway, I think everyone in the world who knows any hymns at all knows “How Great Thou Art”, “Amazing Grace”, “The Old Rugged Cross”, “Beyond the Sunset”, and a few others like that. We’ve sung them both in English and French and I’m sure they’ve been translated into a lot of other languages.
    I love the Christmas hymns, too, like “Hark, Are They Not Angels.” Real hymns, not the pop songs associated with Christmas.
    “Crying in the Chapel” is a religious song, but in my mind not a hymn, exactly. Fine point of difference, maybe. As I recall, God or Jesus aren’t mentioned, just prayer.

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  2. I should google the words. This computer internet filter blocks you-tube and on my phone I can get no recent posts, only your Home page. I tried typing in your long address including the date and post name, but made one typo and zip. Nada.

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  3. I love the rousing hymns like to be a pilgrim and Jerusalem too. I loved Lord of the Dance when I was at school but I was convinced at age 5 that it it was ‘I am the lord of the dark settee’ kids huh?!
    I love morning has broken too

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    1. I used to love Lord of the Dance too. My Mum thought it was hilarious when I kept singing “It’s hard to dance with the devil on your back” I was six years old. I will remember it’s Lord of the dark settee in future. 🙂

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