White Elephant – Tagged by the Haunted Wordsmith

It is with much chagrin that I apologise for not posting this yesterday. I rarely seem to get much blogging time on Saturday’s for some reason.

The Haunted Wordsmith Tagged me in this:


This is what Teresa says about it:

How is this going to work? Like this:

Every day I kick the party off by listing three fellow bloggers and the gift I give them. No one is obligated to participate (though if people do, it’ll be more fun). If the gift recipient wants to participate, they will pick three bloggers and give them gifts. And so on until the following day. At that time I will share some of the funnier gifts that people have given or received.

So three people and three gifts.

Firstly I choose, The Britchy one of Bitchin’ in the Kitchen,

My gift for her is a picture of my Christmas tree (I haven’t put it up yet, I don’t put up decorations until the middle of December, this is a picture from a couple of years ago but I always decorate my tree the same; It’s Tradition.

Secondly I choose my friend, Mel at Crushed Caramel,


She liked similar music to me and Teresa, The haunted wordsmith gifted me with a song by Weird Al Yankovic which I loved, so continuing in that theme, here is another by that wacky songsmith:

And thirdly I choose my friend Laura M Bailey from All the Shoes I Wear.


Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Here’s hoping your feeling better now. πŸ™‚ 

So with some exhilaration for getting this post done, and looking forward to some relative quiet today, I wish you all a Happy Sunday. 




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21 thoughts on “White Elephant – Tagged by the Haunted Wordsmith”

  1. I don’t know what to say! Socks would have been alright you know dear Kristian!

    Erm…I have never heard of this creature, and I am baffled at what he is doing prancing around like that. How scary is that video! Although I admit, I watched less than half of it before I realized I was already scarred for life and needed to close it down.

    I need a cup of strong tea to steady my nerves.

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    1. Yep he is an American he’s been around since the 80’s. He also did a great parody of the hit Gangsters Paradise, called ‘Amish Paradise’. Look him up on YouTube , he really isn’t that scary. The video I chose did look quite scary, if you’re not expecting it, I’m sorry for that.

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    2. I should be more grateful that you thought of me! But yes, I was rather freaked out by him!
      I will trust you and give him the benefit of the doubt. I wonder that I have never come across him in all that time? Then again, I did not have a TV for over ten years and even before then Dad was always in charge of the remote control, so I am not very clued up with TV.

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  2. Your tree is lovely! My pic is from last year, unlike most of America, I don’t put it up after Thanksgiving. Mine won’t be going up until after he 11th as my daughter is coming up then so I’ll save it to decorate with her

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