White Elephant – Tagged by the Haunted Wordsmith

It is with much chagrin that I apologise for not posting this yesterday. I rarely seem to get much blogging time on Saturday’s for some reason.

The Haunted Wordsmith Tagged me in this:


This is what Teresa says about it:

How is this going to work? Like this:

Every day I kick the party off by listing three fellow bloggers and the gift I give them. No one is obligated to participate (though if people do, itโ€™ll be more fun). If the gift recipient wants to participate, they will pick three bloggers and give them gifts. And so on until the following day. At that time I will share some of the funnier gifts that people have given or received.

So three people and three gifts.

Firstly I choose, The Britchy one of Bitchin’ in the Kitchen,

My gift for her is a picture of my Christmas tree (I haven’t put it up yet, I don’t put up decorations until the middle of December, this is a picture from a couple of years ago but I always decorate my tree the same; It’s Tradition.

Secondly I choose my friend, Mel at Crushed Caramel,


She liked similar music to me and Teresa, The haunted wordsmith gifted me with a song by Weird Al Yankovic which I loved, so continuing in that theme, here is another by that wacky songsmith:

And thirdly I choose my friend Laura M Bailey from All the Shoes I Wear.


Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Here’s hoping your feeling better now. ๐Ÿ™‚ 

So with some exhilaration for getting this post done, and looking forward to some relative quiet today, I wish you all a Happy Sunday. 





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21 thoughts on “White Elephant – Tagged by the Haunted Wordsmith”

  1. I don’t know what to say! Socks would have been alright you know dear Kristian!

    Erm…I have never heard of this creature, and I am baffled at what he is doing prancing around like that. How scary is that video! Although I admit, I watched less than half of it before I realized I was already scarred for life and needed to close it down.

    I need a cup of strong tea to steady my nerves.

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    1. Yep he is an American he’s been around since the 80’s. He also did a great parody of the hit Gangsters Paradise, called ‘Amish Paradise’. Look him up on YouTube , he really isn’t that scary. The video I chose did look quite scary, if you’re not expecting it, I’m sorry for that.

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    2. I should be more grateful that you thought of me! But yes, I was rather freaked out by him!
      I will trust you and give him the benefit of the doubt. I wonder that I have never come across him in all that time? Then again, I did not have a TV for over ten years and even before then Dad was always in charge of the remote control, so I am not very clued up with TV.

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  2. Your tree is lovely! My pic is from last year, unlike most of America, I donโ€™t put it up after Thanksgiving. Mine wonโ€™t be going up until after he 11th as my daughter is coming up then so Iโ€™ll save it to decorate with her

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