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Last week, I was tagged by Darnell Cureton of the Fictionist blog. Check out the post below:

It’s a great post and I am thrilled that he tagged me along with so many other great bloggers that I admire. 


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The Writers Tag was created by Lorraine Ambers and Ari Meghlen for writers to connect with each other and help expand our writing community. To participate, we answer 12 tag questions and are encouraged to tag other writers. So, here we go:


  1. Name one novel which inspired me to write. I love Fantasy fiction, if it’s got magic in it, I love it. A series I read and loved as a teenager was called The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan. The first book is called The Eye of the World. This inspired me because I loved the world he created but also his descriptions were way too detailed. I wanted to write with the same imagination but with a better balance between description and story. 
  2. What’s your favourite genre to read and write? As I said, Fantasy is my favourite genre to read, but I find that I write in a far wider range of genres and styles than I ever expected I would have. I have written crime/murder mystery stories and full-on horror. I have done light-hearted stories and also historical dramas. I have loved the challenge of trying out different types of stories. 
  3. Do you prefer to write stand-alone or series? I’ve done both. Sometimes I start out doing a stand-alone but the character or story compels me to write more. Or one of my blogging pals (like Britchy) then badgers me to write some more. Which is lovely. 
  4. Use three words to describe yourself: Imaginative and Enthusiastic are two words that I think describe me. A word that may describe my writing voice is Nostalgic. There is definitely a tendency towards the past with my tales. 
  5. Reveal your WIP aesthetics or an image that represents your main character or setting. I haven’t resigned myself to a single setting or character. I have a few characters that I have used more than once. Stephen Layne, an aspiring but hopeless actor. Miss Huntley, a stern yet kind old fashioned headmistress of a girls school and Lady Audrey Patterson, a lady who is obsessed with Agatha Christie and sets out to solve mysteries of her own. 
  6. How long did your first manuscript take to draft? I write very quickly. I tend to turn out a short story in an hour, but longer works take, well, longer. I have a very short attention span though, so short stories are working very well for me. 
  7. Who is your author idol? Agatha Christie is an author I admire so much. I’ve written a couple of murder mysteries and that gave me an even greater appreciation for what she did. They are so hard to write and she was a genius (and I am not). 
  8. Share a writing memory that made you determined to carry on. Every day I receive encouraging and positive comments from my blogging pals that keep me going. I couldn’t ask for a better community of bloggers. Thank you, everyone who has ever left me a comment. 🙂 
  9. Tell us something surprising or unique about yourself. I am a very, very slow reader. It takes me ages to read something. I normally absorb a great deal of what I have read, but I just can’t seem to scan read. I actually write a good deal faster than I read.
  10. Share the hardest part about being a writer and how you overcame it. The hardest part for me was having the confidence to share what I have written with others. I have exercise books containing stories that I wrote as a child and I have been writing for years, but I only started sharing my stuff with others in January, as part of a creative writing course and then in March when I started my blog. I wish I could go back in time and tell myself to go on a writing course and start a blog. They have changed my life. 
  11. What’s your favourite social media and why? Share your link. I do have a facebook account, but this is more of a personal thing. WordPress is the only place I really write and share my work. 
  12. Share some uplifting wisdom in six words or less.  Find your passion: Keep going it. 

My Nominees:

I reiterate, there is no obligation to do this, but if you want to have a go, then please do.

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All the best 🙂 

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  1. Nice job Kristan, I enjoyed your answers. Participating in the writer’s tag has given the writing community an insight as to who you are and your writing style. After reading, more visitors will follow your blog as I do. Keep up the writing. We appreciate it!

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    1. Yes it it, it takes me ages too. I have 4000 unread emails because I can’t keep up with all the posts from all the people I follow. I try to keep up with as many as I can through the reader on WP. I find it such a struggle because I’d hate people to think I take but not give. I try to do both. 🙂


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