A challenge: Falling for Blue Eyes.

Esther Chilton of Esther Chilton blog has issued a challenge. See here:


Anyone can take part in the challenge, why not click on the link and have a go. Say hi from me. πŸ™‚

The Challenge is to write something inspired by this picture. Where does the staircase lead it, who could be walking on it?

Here is my story:

She stood at the top of the grand staircase dressed immaculately in a figure-hugging dress that showed to the world that even though she had reached a certain age, she still had it.Β 

Her makeup had been done carefully to highlight her expressive eyes yet hide the wrinkles forming around them. Her hair had been dyed a shade of ash blond that mimicked her original colour, yet hid the grey hairs perfectly. Diamonds glittered around her neck and also dangled from her ears, sparkling in the light of the chandelier.Β 

As she started down the stairs she saw her young, handsome new husband hovering at the bottom, dressed in his new dinner suit. He looked up at her, a smile on that cherubic, adorable face. She looked straight into his eyes as she slowly descended. She saw an eruption of emotion sparkle in his clear blue eyes.Β 

She failed to see the trip wire rigged across the stairs until it was too late.

Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 06/December/2018


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