30 Day Song Challenge – Day 13

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Day 13 – A Song you like from the ’70’s 

I like a lot of songs from the 1970’s is hard to narrow it down.

I have chosen this one from December 1973

WIZZARD – I Wish It could be Christmas Every Day 

And, by the way, I don’t! One day a year is quite enough thank you VERY much. 

Have a great one. 🙂 


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7 thoughts on “30 Day Song Challenge – Day 13”

  1. Ah, you don’t want to live a personal groundhog day? lol
    It reminds me of a segment in Mickey’s Once Upon A Christmas when Donald’s nephews wish it was Christmas every day and they get their wish but it doesn’t go as well as they hoped. They keep living Christmas over and over until they learn the true meaning of it.

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