Electric Fantasy’s

They walked down the main street in the city. People were bustling and wrapped up in lots of layers to protect them from the winter chill. The air was clean and fresh, despite all the large trucks and cars buzzing down the central avenue. Things had been so much better since they’d made electric vehicles compulsory. He remembered when he was little finding it very hard to breath when walking next to the traffic. Many people had had to wear gas masks. Almost everyone who lived in the city had some form of asthma or lung condition. Now you could breathe in deeply. Why had it taken them so long to make those changes? Why did half the world have to sink beneath the rising sea levels before finally they had accepted the indubitable truth?

The world was now recovering slowly, but it had taken forty years for those boiling hot summers and freezing cold winters to subside. So many people had died in famines, floods and droughts when the technology had been there all along.

Looking down at his grandson playing at his feet. He smiled. At least now, things will be better for him. 

Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 14/December/2018


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  1. This is a better version of future than seems possible now. Hope we don’t have to go through the trauma of the consequences of our current actions to get there.

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  2. I hope the world realises it sooner and we don’t have to live through a toxic atmosphere to emerge cleaner.

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