The Blogger’s Christmas Challenge 2018

A Guy Called Bloke is planning some Christmas Challenges and Games, head on over and check them out.

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To the The Blogger’s Christmas Challenge 2018

18th December 2018 –  1st January 2019

2 Main Challenges & 1 Mystery Interaction Challenge!

Now last first and first last!

What’s this thing called the Mystery Interaction Challenge?


Well, l DON’T know!! No, that’s not entirely true, l do know, but l’ll give you one big clue in case you have missed it, are you ready?


No, l am joking with you!! The big clue is  ……..


Yes folks, the Mystery Challenge is all about interaction, as in you interacting with the overall challenge, all parts of it, in the way that you feel fit, but the ultimate aspect, is joining in with the fun!


The Blogger’s Christmas Challenge 2018

These are the ONLY 2 challenges in the competition, the ones where you have the option of taking part and contributing. I made this all about fun and…

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