Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge – Failing each new day.

The Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge from the Go Dog Go Cafe is to write something with the phrases New Dawn/ New Day/ New Dreams. See link below:

Here is my attempt:

I stand on a precipice.

Before me the world, and all its opportunities, unfolds.

Dare I step forward into the unknown?

The fear of failure gives me pause.

It will stymie far more than my crepitus filled knee.

If only I can find the courage to take a step,

A new dawn full of new dreams awaits.

The prospect is breathtaking.

But so is my fear.

Surely, though, the fear that I am missing out on my destiny,

Failing to reach my full potential,

Should be greater than any fear of the unknown?

Yet I stand here paralysed.

Unable to move.

Unable to breath.

Until time takes its toll.


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People are far too complicated to be able to describe in a few words so I am not even going to try.

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