An Unlikely Proposal

This Poem that I wrote a while ago has been published on the Poetry Bar. Exciting stuff!
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So cool, she sat in jungle setting,
with wide-brimmed hat and Capri pants.
Alone, we were, under mosquito netting,
except, of course for a thousand ants.

Her name was Carol, her job was singing,
and Boy, did she let out a wail.
It scared the snake that held her, clinging,
it bit her leg and then turned tail.

I jumped into action, as was my training,
and shouted loudly for all to hear.
The safari leader came in exclaiming,
“I’ve got the antidote so do not fear.”

But all was not so nice and easy,
the antidote had been left behind,
so, bravely, I rowed us down the Zambesi,
like a mighty Tarzan of the modern kind.

Panicked with fear and paler than white,
Carol looked up with her face full of dread.
As we moored at the jetty, the doctor in sight,
she said “If I survive this, will…

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People are far too complicated to be able to describe in a few words so I am not even going to try.

7 thoughts on “An Unlikely Proposal”

    1. Kristian – I love your poetry!!
      – it is my own pathetic attempts at writing poems I was saying were dreadful. I am almost embarrassed when I put them on my site because they are so corny.

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    2. I read so many poems from other bloggers which are so moving and perfectly formed.
      I does make me feel poetry is my big weakness. But I enjoy what I do. And it’s lovely reading what other bloggers can do – quite inspiring.
      Like you – a very wonderful way with words that touches the heart.

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