Tell the Story – A Hidden Opportunity.

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Dr Tanya tagged me yesterday in this Tell the Story Challenge:

Written for Tell the Story, a writing prompt initiated by The Eclectic Contrarian.

Rory, of A Guy Called Bloke tagged Sadje.

Dr Tanya of Salted Caramel was tagged by Sadje of Keep It Alive, you can read her story here.

And Dr Tanya tagged me with this sunny picture above. So here we go.


It’s a popular spot nowadays. People come here for their summer holidays. The sun, sea, sand and palm trees are just what they seem to want now. They fly in on big aeroplanes or sometimes come on huge cruise ships. Much bigger than the ships that I used to sail on, back in my day.

I suppose it is a beautiful spot. The sand connects two islands and is underwater at high tide. Of course, back in my day, it was a very lonely spot of beach. The only ships that came here were Pirate ships taking shelter from the storms. It wasn’t a common spot even then. Far from the main haunts. Now it’s positively packed with people. Whole families and their kids come here to paddle in the sea. They don’t see me of course. No one can.

I’m just a relic from the past. My bones are buried here and I’ve been here for centuries, just staring out to sea. It was a tradition of Pirate captains, to bury someone with their treasure so their ghost will protect it from anyone who comes looking for it. There was also the added factor that once that blaggard, Captain Blackbeard had me dig the hole, by shooting me in the head, no one else would know where he buried it. An onerous job, digging that hole, with nothing but a bullet for my reward.

I had my revenge though. Blackbeard didn’t outlive me long, and no one knows that just buried six feet beneath their feet lies my rotted corpse and an old wooden chest filled with Spanish gold doubloons. What a hidden opportunity just waiting to be found.

One day.


So now it’s my turn to pass the challenge on.

Here is the picture:


I choose:

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If you don’t fancy taking part, then that’s fine, but if you’re up for the challenge, Have Fun,

and Thank you, Dr Tanya, for thinking of me.


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