Loves New Spring

A poem I wrote some time ago (in the form called a Pantoum) has been published on the Poetry Bar. I’m really thrilled. 🙂

Pen to paper

The final days of Winter came at last,
But still held the world in her icy grasp.
I looked back on dark days that had passed,
And feel loves painful grip unclasp.

It still held the world in her icy grasp,
But Winters harsh hand seemed to lift.
I feel loves painful grip unclasp,
Time healing that deep emotional rift.

The Winters harsh hand seems to lift,
And robins above begin their singing.
Time healing that deep emotional rift.
The pain around my heart unclinging.

Red robins above begin their singing,
Heralding winters passing breath.
The Pain around my heart unclinging,
But still, I cry for our love’s death.

In heralding winters passing breath,
I look back on dark days that have passed.
I mourned for our love’s fateful death,
Now Winter’s time recedes at last.

My Name is Kristian and I live in the South East…

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    1. Thank you. It was a very restrictive form, you have to have repeating lines and rhyming patterns in it. I prefer to write a free form poem, but it was an assignment for my creative writing class, I was happy how it turned out. 🙂

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