50 Word Thursday #3 – The Results

In collaboration with Teresa, The Haunted Wordsmith, I am continuing the 50 word Thursday Challenge that was hosted by Deb Whittam of the blog Twenty Four. Deb has decided to call it a day with the challenge and move on to other things.

Teresa and I both thought it such a shame and have agreed to try keeping it going, taking it in turns to play host.

Here is my post from last Thursday:



And here is the phrase to include: โ€˜Although it was a simple thing to be doing, something strange was happening.โ€™

โ€“ Paulo Coelho โ€“ The Valkyries.


I have to say, there has been a really good turnout this week with some excellent entries.

Fandango was quick of the mark with this entry:

50 Word Thursday โ€” Hauling Boxes

From Michele Jones:


From Walk a Myelin my Shoes:

50 word Thursday: Relapse

From Sadje of Keep it Alive:

50 words Thursdays # 3

Teresa, The Haunted Wordsmith


From Tao Talk:

50 word Thursday #3 Plea for Help

From JP The Wide-eyed Wanderer:


From The Story Files:


From John Freda of the Magic Shop:


From NeelWrites:



Thank you all for entering and I hope you enjoyed taking part. Please take a few moments to click on some of the other entries and have a read, spread a few likes around.

I also realised, while collating these responses, that I forgot to write an entry myself! Oh well.

Keep a look out for the next 50 Word Thursday, hosted this week by Teresa, The Haunted Wordsmith.

Over to you, Teresa. All the best. ๐Ÿ™‚


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