A Holiday without Teddy – Tell the Story Challenge

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Tell the story Challenge #5

So here is my story:


It was time to go. His parents had packed his suitcase with some clothes and were waiting in the car.

He opened the drawers under his bed. His Star Wars quilt cover with matching pillowcases was in there, but Teddy wasn’t.

He opened the wardrobe.

His Thomas the tank engine t-shirt and dungarees were in there, but Teddy wasn’t.

He searched everywhere and he knew that downstairs his parents were waiting for him in the car. He’d remembered Teddy at the last minute, he couldn’t go all the way to Florida without Teddy, so he pretended he wanted to use the toilet. For some reason, he didn’t want his parents to know how he still wanted his Teddy. He’d turned five that spring and was already at Kindergarten. He was a big boy now, but this was the first time he would be going on a plane and he wanted his Teddy to cuddle.

Just as he was looking behind his bedroom curtains, his father came into the room, jangling his car keys.

“What on earth is keeping you, Sam? Come on, or we’ll miss the plane.”

His dad grabbed his hand and he had no choice but to follow him down the stairs and into the car.

His dad put him in his car seat and clicked the seat belt across him.

His Mummy leaned over from the front to make sure he was secure.

“Did you remember to wash your hands?” she said. They both seemed quite cross, so he just nodded and didn’t mention Teddy at all.

It was when they were on the plane that he couldn’t help stop himself. He knew he was a big boy now, but the roaring of the engine was rather scary and he really wanted his Teddy. He started crying.

“Sam, what is it? Don’t cry, darling, we’ll be there in next to no time. Try to get some sleep.” His Mother’s soft voice helped and her as her hand stroked his hair gently, he fell asleep.

He woke up just as they were landing. He heard his dad say “I wish I could sleep like a five-year-old. He can sleep anywhere.”

The journey to the hotel seemed to take ages, but there was so much to see. He’d never seen palm trees before. It was Hot too. Much warmer than it had been back home. His Mother took his pullover off and put it in her handbag.

Everywhere he looked, he saw something amazing and he wished he could have shown Teddy.

When they arrived at the hotel, they found their room, it had a big bed in it and a smaller bed in a room next door. Someone had already brought the small suitcase that his mother had packed for him.

“Sam, go and change into your swimming costume. We can go for a swim in the pool” Mother said.

As he clicked open the locks and opened the case, he couldn’t believe his eyes.

There was Teddy sitting there in the case. He’d stowed away!

Smiling to herself, Sam’s Mother watched the joy on her Son’s face as he took out his Teddy bear and gave it a hug. As if she would have let him leave it behind.

The End


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