Home sweet haunt – A multiple word prompt story.

Stepping into their house, they could tell instantly something was very wrong.

The hairs went up at the back of their necks as they strode into the living room.

There was a terrible mess like all their belonging had been thrown around the room.

The kitchen was worse. Ooze and slime coated the walls, the range oven and the work surfaces.

A haunting melody came from somewhere above, a screaming cacophony of sound that assaulted the ears.

It wasn’t some vagrant poltergeist that had materialised and created havoc around their beloved abode.

They had just been away on holiday and left their house in the hands of their teenage son.

Putting down his suitcase, Peter said calmly and placatingly to his wife.

“I’ll put the kettle on dear and make us a nice cup of tea.”

Susan shouted “I’m going to kill him”

“No dear, just sit down, I’ll take care of it. We don’t want to disturb the neighbours and after all, Boys will be boys.”

Susan turned to her husband of twenty years.

The screams could be heard in the next street.


Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 24/January/2019




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