Winters Last Hurrah – A comic poem.


I switch on the Television

To see what the forecast has in store.

There’s another blasted hurricane,

Headed straight towards the shore!

Well, it’s better than that blizzard

That hit all of us last week,

I feel at the moment were all in

Some long unlucky streak.

It started cold and icy

And I thought that’s a bad as it would get,

But now the weather’s decided

To Combine both cold and wet.

The weather seems determined

To punish humankind,

I know we deserve it, but

I hope that we will find,

That this is winters last hurrah

It’s one full and final fling,

And in a week, or two or three,

There’ll come a marvellous, joyous, Spring.


Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 25/January/2019

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