A New Award – The Writers Soul Award

Teresa, The Haunted Wordsmith created two awards last year, one called the Creative Mind Award and the other, From the Heart Award. The aim was to recognise bloggers who write but also encourage and inspire others. The awards came with no obligations to answer questions or to nominate. See her post here:




Teresa has merged those two awards into one, the Writers Soul Award and I am honoured that she has nominated me for it. I am one of the first, along with a handful of other worthy bloggers, to receive this award.

I would like to thank Teresa very much.

I am now struggling to stay awake, so before I begin waltzing off into the land of nod, I with you all good night.






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    1. It is a welcome relief. I do enjoy the Award posts, but like Dr Tanya has written in a recent post, it can be a bit overwhelming to receive a lot of them at once. It would be nice to receive one ever couple of weeks, particularly when you hit a dry patch. šŸ™‚

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