Twittering Tales – Love Biscuits – A tale in 280 Characters.

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“See her over at the bus stop? She used to create the loveliest biscuits in the world. You know what the secret ingredient was?” Sally asked.

“No. What?”

“Love” She replied.

“Is that why they were the best in the world?”

“No dear, that’s why the hygiene inspectors closed her down.”

[279 Characters]

This story was written for Kat Myrman’s Twittering Tales Challenge, click on the link here:

Twittering Tales #121 – 29 January 2019

PS In the United Kingdom what we call Biscuits they refer to as Cookies in the United States – Just in case you didn’t know. 


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  1. Bahahahahahaha *takes breath* hahahahahahaha. I literally laughed out loud, like spit out my coffee, cackled, coworkers came out of their offices to see what was so funny! Oh gosh, you get me with those twists, Kristian! Every. Single. Time. Haha!

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