The Manic Madness AWARDS

Laura M Bailey set a challenge to write a story or challenge with 31 prompt words!! Here are the entries.

All The Shoes I Wear


A couple of weeks ago, I issued the mother of all challenges, a wordle style prompt featuring a whopping 31 words from every Manic Mondays Prompt to date.  Only 4 took up the gauntlet but what they created was astounding!  Let’s celebrate these courageous, creative writers and tip our hats to their mastery!


Hawkfeather Stories
Manic Madness

The Dark Netizen
Dark Vacation

Tales From The Mind Of Kristian
Manic Madness – Evanescent Journey

One Womans Quest

Mysterious summertime,
Confession begging silence,
turns to poison –
a castle wrecked, ghostly,
forlorn dirge,
Journey is departing
the stoic, boondocks
scars, damned,
ominous, witchy,
Reaper comes
with reverence,
mine a sultry heart,
waiting, frozen,
naughty or nice,
rejoice – reflection
shattered imperfection.

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