Manic Monday – A Salty Old Shanty

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The word is: Anchored.


I’ll sing ye a song of the waves and the sea,

A salty old shanty of skullduggery

a tale of a wench

with a heart full of revenge,

and a mettlesome lass was she.


The maid and her man were caught alive

by a pirate crew under cruel Captain Clive

they’d put up a good fight

and that was despite,

an ordeal that few could survive.


She begged for the life of the man she adored,

but Cruel Captain Clive just laughed and ignored,

he made him walk the plank,

and laughed again as he sank,

while he danced around deck with his sword.


Captain Clive took the wench below decks

for it had been a long time without sex,

and he’d fancied the maid,

whose love he’d betrayed

though he had failed to undertake a few checks.


Whilst the ship remained anchored in the bay

Cruel Captain Clive was keen to have his way

The Maid pulled out a knife

and took the Captains life

In a revengeful and bloodthirsty display.


Then with a calm demeanour, serene

and with a brutality, so rarely seen

She cut off his head

put his hat on instead

andΒ She became the dread Pirate Queen!


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  1. πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜… Wow! I loved it very much!
    You know, this is the kind of tale we hear in the old dark taverns we’re some drunk sings and the other laugh.

    I just loved it!

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