Leaving – A Multiple Word Prompt Story.

The home was no longer provided the sanctuary that it once had.

It was strange how just one person made a home and when they were gone, all that was left was a bunch of disconnected people living within brick walls.

The love and nurture she had known were gone. There was no one left here to provide her heart and soul with the nutrition she needed to survive.

She’d decided it was time to go. It had taken her a while to write the note which she now propped up against the Microwave in the kitchen.

Then she gently pulled closed the door and stepped out into the early morning light.

The dragging of her small suitcase echoed around the street of crowded houses, but no lights went on. No one stirred.

She walked up to the Petrol Garage at the top of the road. She’d made her decision. There was nothing left to do now, except call the Taxi and count down the minutes until it came.

This was the first day of the rest of her life.







FOWC with Fandango — Garage


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