Swelling, Protuberances and Apologies.

I have been totally lacklustre today.

I woke up with a strange swelling in my face. I have had random strange swellings (Not the kind you’re thinking of) before. I have been diagnosed with Idiopathic Angioedema, which sounds really cool, but what that just means is that parts of my body, specifically the layer beneath my skin, will swell up and the Idiopathic bit means, they don’t know why.

I have been taking tablets to keep it at bay, antihistamines, but they don’t always do the trick.

It could be caused by a virus or a bacterial infection in my blood, that whizzes around causing my own bodies autoimmune system to swell up to stop it.

It isn’t painful, only uncomfortable and quite scary.

The consultant gave me some sage advice. “Don’t panic,” he said, “It will only make the condition worse” he added.

“Worse?” I responded but what I said was barely audible because my lips had swollen to the size of an R&B artist’s bottom implants.

That was back when it first happened and I was concerned I was going to end up having an anaphylactic shock.

Now I just tend to scream on the inside.

So, I apologise for not being very productive blogwise today. Hopefully, normal service will resume soon.

I hope none of you decides to unfollow me in a fit of pique, due to my poor performance of today.

I’ll have a good nights sleep tonight, then I should be back with you tomorrow, my usual enthusiastic, imaginative and creative self.

Good evening.




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25 thoughts on “Swelling, Protuberances and Apologies.”

  1. Get well soon!
    Nothing is permanent, not even our pains and worries ~ Anonymous.
    This will pass. Have faith. Give your body the rest it needs. It will speed up your recovery.

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  2. Kristian, so very sorry to hear you’ve got something needing doctor’s care. Please take care of yourself and do your best to stay calm, the doctor is right about that part. I think certain substances (adrenalin) get released when you worry and it will exhaust your adrenal gland. {{{{{HUGS}}}}}

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